Why Invest in Gabon ?

In addition to a strategic position along the Gulf of Guinea, abundant natural resources and no restrictions on the conversion, transfer or repatriation of funds associated with an investment, Gabon boasts the best country risk in the Central African sub-region.
Political and social stability

Gabon, a Central African country, enjoys a high degree of political and social stability in a sub-region marked by armed conflict and, in places, insecurity. The Gabonese authorities aim to make Gabon an emerging country. The new strategy is to diversify the economy by reducing the country's dependence on oil, which currently accounts for 50% of exports.

An attractive business environment and quality of life
Located in the center of Africa, with access to the Atlantic seaboard, Gabon is an ideal gateway to the international market. Its major cities, Libreville, Port-Gentil and Franceville, are cosmopolitan and home to numerous restaurants and hotels. With a forest covering more than 88% of the country, 850 km of virtually untouched coastline and a biodiversity that is unique in Africa. This Congo Basin territory abounds in natural resources, including exceptional flora and fauna.
Economic potential
Abundant natural resources: Sub-Saharan Africa's fourth-largest oil producer (2021), the world's second-largest manganese producer (2022) and one of the continent's leading producers of tropical timber, etc.
Under-exploited mining potential: deposits of iron, gold, uranium, diamonds, copper, zinc, rare earths...
Economic diversification efforts undertaken as part of the 2010-2025 Strategic Plan for Emerging Gabon (PSGE)
Hydroelectric potential estimated at 6,000 MW
Member of CEMAC and the Commonwealth since June 25, 2022.
Numerous opportunities
Having returned to growth in 2021 (1.5%), Gabon offers numerous opportunities, particularly in non- oil sectors (900 potential mining sites, including over a billion tonnes of iron reserves; 5.3 million tonnes of manganese, gold, diamonds, uranium, rare earths, etc.).
The mining sector: strong growth potential

Gabon's mining sector is mainly focused on manganese. It accounts for approximately 6% of the country's GDP and exports. 

In addition to manganese and gold, Gabon's strategic natural resources include iron ore, of which the country has abundant reserves. The mining hub with the country's largest manganese reserves is located in the Haut-Ogooué province, and is served by the Transgabonais railroad, which runs almost 700 km from Franceville to Owendo (Port of Libreville).

Clarification of mining rules

To increase the mining sector's contribution to GDP, the Gabonese government has revised
its Mining Code to make it more attractive to foreign investment, while addressing concerns about environmental protection and social responsibility, with a number of financial benefits, such as:
- A corporate income tax exemption for the first profitable year over the first 3 years for companies eligible for specific codes (Mining, Agriculture, Timber);
- A 50% allowance for the 2th fiscal year;
- Total exemption from VAT and customs duties on imports of equipment/machinery and spare parts, etc.