Silico Manganese

It’s a ferro alloy with high manganese and silicon content. Made by heating a mixture of oxides, namely, manganese oxide, silicon dioxide, and iron oxide with carbon in a furnace. Silico- manganese undergoes a thermal decomposition reaction. Like others, it is also used as a deoxidizer and an alloying element in steel.

demand of ferro-alloys (fe-alloys) which is obtained from manganese ore is driven by the steel industry with about 90% of all the fe-alloys used in steel production while the balance 10% used in foundries and welding as represented in below chart. Further, out of the total fe alloys used in steel making, 70% is used as an alloying element and the remaining 30% is used as a deoxidizing and desulphurizing agent. Fe-alloys are power intensive products requiring 3000 – 4000 kwh of power per metric tonne (t) of production hence most fe-alloy production plants have a captive power plant to support their operations.

Nouvelle Gabon plans to produce the following grades of silico manganese from its 4 x 21 smelter project once it is commissioned.

lump sizemm10-40/50/60/70
carbon%2 – 2. 5
silicon%14 – 16
phosphorus%0. 30 (max)
sulphur%0. 03 (max)